Friday, October 9, 2015

Teaching and Learning Links of the Week: October 9, 2015

Teaching & Learning Links to See This Week
A roundup of five intriguing or informative posts and articles from the around the internet:

"How to Teach in an Age of Distraction"
Sherry Turkle offers strategies and thoughts about the stuggle over student attention.

"Grading Exams with Integrity"
The Teaching in Higher Ed podcast offers some tips and tricks for reducing potential bias while grading.

"Thursday in the Park with Students"
How one instructor is bringing concepts to life outisde of the classroom.

"How Do I Make Choices About Who I Am As a Teacher?
Crafting one's "teaching persona" requires asking some introspective questions.

"Making Drafts Count"
Steps you can take to ensure that students are putting effort into drafts and subsequently valuing the feedback they receive.

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