Monday, December 10, 2012

Teaching and Learning (Twitter) Links for 12/10/12

Here's our digest of some of today's hottest teaching & learning links from the Twitterverse:

  1. Why Students Should Use Twitter
  2. Story-Telling Software Could be the Future of AI
  3. Why Formative Assessments Matter:
  4. 19 handy Google tricks that you weren’t aware of
  5. What Is A Flipped Classroom?
  6. Folder Full of Storytelling Apps
  7. 80+ Google Forms for the #Classroom via @tombarrett @clifmims
  8. Online Learning Invites New Ways to Cheat « Online Learning Update
  9. For those looking for the 5000 new stock images in +Google Drive - open a new doc, Insert- image, search, stock…

Top Twitter users to follow for education:

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