Friday, September 6, 2013

Teaching and Learning Links for 9/06/2013

Here's our digest of some of today's hottest teaching & learning links:

  • Get to Know Millennials - Infographic: As more and more millennials (defined as being 16 – 34 years old) join the...
  • The Gamification Guide for Teachers - Would you like to gamify your classroom? People love to play. W...
  • 15 Tips to Gamify An eLearning Course Motivation plays an important role during eLearning experiences and our...
  • MOOCs Meet the Zombie Apocalypse: How do you get thousands of people excited about an online course in math,...
  • How To Write Compelling eLearning Content Without Being An Expert
  • 100 Hand-picked Freebies for eLearning Designers

Top Twitter users to follow for education:

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