Monday, April 20, 2015

Teaching and Learning Links to See: April 20, 2015

Teaching & Learning Links to See This Week
A roundup of four intriguing or informative posts and articles from the around the internet:

"How Assignment Design Shapes Student Learning"
A look at the relationship between course assignments and learning outcomes.

"Don't Rely on Grades Alone"
"How do we teach so that [students] are motivated to learn because they want to learn, not just because they have to jump through the hoops we've set up?"

"How Much Sleep is Just Right for Cognitive Function?"
Two short videos breaking down the research on sleep that can be shared with students. 

"Rubrics - More than Just Assessment"
The benefits that rubrics provide can go beyond simply being a grading time-saver.

"My Nomadic Class"
The pedagogical ramifications of one professor and his students challenging the idea of what makes a classroom.

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