Friday, January 25, 2013

Canvas for iOS: Course Management on the Go!

One of the features of Canvas, USF’s new learning management software, is faculty’s ability to access their courses on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch).  The interface is relatively intuitive (as is Canvas on a desktop or laptop computer) and while you would not want to build your courses here, you can certainly accomplish many of the requisite, day-to-day, course management tasks. Some of the things you can do include emailing students, grading assignments, deleting and uploading files, creating new folders for enhanced organization, and creating new discussions.

You can also use the SpeedGrader to grade student assignment submission, but you have to also install the SpeedGrader app by Instructure first. This allows you provide written comments or to record audio or video feedback directly connected to student’s submissions.

Once you install the Canvas and SpeedGrader apps, you have to connect to USF’s Canvas system and login with your MyUSF credentials. When you are prompted to enter the URL you use for Canvas, type “” and click Connect. Now you are ready to manage your courses on the go! 

 Canvas app icon

 SpeedGrader app icon


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