Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teaching and Learning Links for 1/8/2013

Here's our digest of some of today's hottest teaching & learning links:

  1. Learning To Write In Digital Spaces: bit.ly/SyoETU
  2. Selecting The Best Apps? Use A Rubric: bit.ly/11ASn31
  3. Free Assets from the E-Learning Community ow.ly/2u99Li
  4. SJSU Professor Creates Engaging Online Learning Environment http://blogs.sjsu.edu/today/2012/transforming-online-learning/
  5. 3 Principles for great online courses | Learndot bit.ly/Wp5oae
  6. Blogging In The Classroom: A 4-Step Guide edudemic.com/2012/12/bloggi fb.me/RBSJPzyY
  7. 44 Smart Ways to Use #Smartphones in #Education bit.ly/VyDQB7

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