Friday, July 29, 2016

Teaching and Learning Links of the Week: July 25, 2016

Teaching & Learning Links to See This Week
A roundup of four intriguing or informative posts and articles from around the internet:

 “When Pokémon Goes to Campus: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
The augmented-reality game “Pokémon go” has become a global phenomenon over a very short period of time. Several campuses created Pokémon-themes events, campus tours or created elaborate maps with Poke Stops. However, excessive use of the game comes with a toll or even dangers.

“Prior Knowledge as an Unexpected Obstacle to Learning”
Students come to class with prior knowledge that could help or hinder new learning. Inactive, inaccurate, insufficient and inappropriate prior knowledge hinder learning. In this article, the author shares what experts do to avoid this problem.

“ISO: A Better Way to Evaluate Student Participation”
Author suggests sharing the responsibility of assessing participation between instructor and students by assigning “participation logs” as homework.

“Is Bite Sized Learning the Future of eLearning?”
The traditional method of eLearning development is now giving way to bite sized modules. In this article the author discusses the benefits and the impact of these modules as well as the reasons for their popularity.

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