Thursday, September 15, 2016

Teaching and Learning Links of the Week: September 15, 2016

A roundup of four intriguing or informative posts and articles from around the internet:

“A Dose of Reality for First-Year Students and How We Can Help”

A few reminders of what first time in college students might be thinking and experiencing and what we as instructors can do to help them succeed.

“Decision Time”

A Study of tens of thousands of college students finds that those who were open to change their major were more likely to graduate than those who decided right away.

“Chemistry, Life, the Universe, and Everything: A New Approach to General Chemistry, and a Model for Curriculum Reform”

Melanie Cooper and Michael Klymkowsky present a model for curriculum development based on five questions: (i) What should students know? (ii) In what order should they learn it? (iii) What do students bring with them to the course? (iv) What materials are best suited for different purposes? and (v) How can student understanding be assessed?

“The New Cheating Economy”

A look at the modern underground economy of cheating that offers not just a customized paper or one-off assignment, but often the entire online class.  

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